Simple actions include:
  • Promote public transit or carpooling
  • Allow employees to telework
  • Refuel after dusk and limit driving
  • Postpone mowing lawns with gasoline
    powered mowers
  • Do not use oil-based paints
Join hundreds of employers in the Washington-Baltimore Metropolitan region, start a workplace-based public outreach program sponsored by Clean Air Partners, and help spread the word to improve health and the quality of life in the region by reducing air pollution. When unhealthy air pollution levels are likely, Clean Air Partners notifies participants by e-mail. Announcements are also made via local news broadcasts and daily updates on this website. Employers are asked to inform employees and customers about forecasted Code Orange and Red days and suggest voluntary actions individuals can take to reduce the release of pollution-forming agents. The program’s goal is to change individual behavior since far more pollution is created by individual action than by "smokestack industries." Participants are also encouraged to modify their company operations when Code Orange and Red Days are in effect.

How to Begin
When a Code Orange or Red day is forecasted, you will receive an e-mail notice between 3:00 - 4:00 p.m. When you are notified that unhealthy air is expected, we recommend one or more of the following actions:
  • Post copies of the notice in high traffic areas in your office
  • Send an e-mail alert to all staff
  • Send a voicemail alert to all staff
Your organization is on its way to a thriving Employer Program, but there’s much more to be done to assure healthy, clean air for everyone. Our Toolkit offers turn-key promotional items that can be used for social media, web, and print distribution. Go the extra mile!