Are you interested in starting, expanding, or formalizing a telework program for your organization? Teleworking is not difficult to implement, but it does requires some advanced planning and preparation. The following resources will help ensure your telework program is a success – for employees, managers, and your organization alike.

Getting Started
An overview of the benefits of telework, best practices for successful implementation, assessment criteria, and frequently asked questions.

Clean Air Teleworking
Go Green! How to maximize the environmental benefits of teleworking in conjunction with poor air quality days.

Sample Telework Policy and Agreement
Guidelines for establishing a formal telework program, including a sample agreement and process for considering an employee’s request to telework.

Teleworker Self Assessment
Tools and process for assessing your suitability to telework.

Home Office Safety Checklist
A checklist for teleworkers to use for ensuring a safe and productive home work environment.

Work Planning and Communication Tools
Simple and effective tools for communicating with your supervisor and building trust.

Telework Training
A generic training presentation for teleworkers and managers that can be customized for your organization.

Telework Assistance
Information and links to programs that provide free technical assistance and/or financial incentives to employers interested in starting or expanding a telework program.

Telework Resources
Information and links to other telework-related resources.