Clean Currents
Clean Currents
As ozone season is well underway, our friends over at Clean Currents is doing great work to spread the word about clean – and polluted – air, so it was a no brainer to partner with them as part of their Energize Responsibly Campaign.

Energize Responsibly at Home – Clean Up The Air + Win Great Prizes!

According to the ALA State of the Air Report, overall air quality is improving; however 43% of people in the U.S. still live in areas with unhealthy levels of air pollution. As a green energy company, Clean Currents wanted to do something about it.

Energize Responsibly is a regional initiative that recently launched to motivate 1,000 residents throughout the Baltimore area to pledge to ditch dirty air and support wind power at home. By taking the pledge, the public can show their support for a clean air and clean energy future. And, pledge-takers are entered to win awesome prizes by using the #getenergized hashtag including:
  • A Specialized bike
  • A ChicoBag DayPacker filled with snacks and other goodies
  • Charm City Run gift cards
Why Renewable Energy Makes a Difference
Clean Currents was founded in 2005 with the mission of building demand for domestic clean energy. If wind power development continues at the pace it has recently experienced, by 2016, the U.S. could reduce air pollution by 108,000 tons of nitrogen oxide and 79,000 tons of sulfur dioxide, two primary causes of air pollution.

Every person who switches their home to wind power has the same impact as removing 2 cars from the road. Together, we add up to support wind power development and reduce air pollution. If 1,000 people switch their home to wind power this spring, we will collectively offset 20,532,224 pounds of carbon dioxide this year.

Help them reach their 1,000 pledge goal by taking the pledge today! Energize Responsibly ends this Sunday, June 9th, so don’t wait: show your support for clean air and clean energy!

For more information about Clean Currents visit their website at or check them out on Facebook and Twitter.