JBS International
JBS International
JBS International (JBS) delivers management consulting and IT services to government and private-sector clients in the United States and countries around the world and is a proud Clean Air Partner.

JBS has a long commitment to promoting environmental responsibility in its work and workplace. The JBS Green Team, launched in 2008, is a group of employees that leads JBS in developing programs and policies to make the company more efficient and environmentally responsible.

In 2012, three prestigious groups recognized and celebrated the efforts of JBS and the Green Team:
  • The State of Maryland awarded JBS one of five 2012 Maryland Green Registry Leadership Awards for outstanding commitment to sustainable practices and the protection of Maryland’s natural resources and environment.
  • The Alliance for Workplace Excellence gave JBS its EcoLeadership Award, which recognizes visionary employers who are paving the way for environmentally sustainable workplaces.
  • Bethesda Magazine gave JBS its 2012 Green Award in the category for businesses that have significantly incorporated green practices into their culture and operations.
These awards are especially significant because they recognize JBS’s ongoing environmental sustainability efforts in a leased office space. Because the offices are leased, JBS cannot implement green construction initiatives such as solar panels, roof gardens, recycled building materials, and waste-water collection. This limitation requires the JBS Green Team to find other ways to green our workspace. A major JBS initiative is composting. They partnered with Whole Foods on this program; in 2012, JBS diverted 11.2 tons of compostable waste from landfills.

Another way they live their commitment to environmental responsibility is by helping clients hold greener meetings and making our corporate meetings green. The JBS Meeting Center works with hotels, vendors, and clients to promote green meetings. At a minimum, they ensure that all hotels they use have a recycling policy in place. In addition, JBS looks at a hotel’s overall policy of sustainability such as buying from local vendors; composting; having energy-efficient lighting; using reusable cups, plates, and utensils; and replacing bottled water with water pitchers.

Read JBS's corporate environmental mission statement and learn more about their green practices, please visit their website.

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