Constellation Energy
Constellation Energy
During the past year, longtime Clean Air Partner and founding member, Constellation Energy has been in the news for their merger with Exelon. The new company still supplies wholesale and retail energy products and services, and is still proudly a leader in sustainability and environmental stewardship.

Constellation has been a fixture within the Baltimore business community, dating back almost 200 years as the Gas Light Company of Baltimore. As part of their commitment to the community Constellation has developed an impressive record of sustainability and environmental innovation.

The sustainability efforts at Constellation are guided by critical benchmarks that were established in 2010. Since the benchmarks were set, they have achieved more than 60% of the green house gas emission cuts proposed, and are on pace to exceed the overall goal of a 5% reduction by 2015. Just this past year Constellation reduced Nitrogen Oxide emission intensity by 5% and Sulfur dioxide intensity by 23%.

Over the last few years Constellation has spent approximately $1.1 billion on pollution control projects in the Baltimore area. Brandon Shores Power Plant has been a beneficiary of these investments, leading to emissions intensities that rank among the lowest in the nation.

On average, other energy companies are able to re-use nearly 43% of coal byproducts for other productive means. Constellation now uses nearly 60% of their byproducts on productive projects such as wallboard production, cement, concrete, and even flowable fill.

If you have been through Garrett County, Maryland you may have seen windmills on the horizon. Those windmills represent a fraction of the investments Constellation is making in renewable sources. They have a diverse portfolio of renewable generation assets that include, wind, solar, hydro and other renewable sources. Additionally, Constellation has supported local groups with nearly $11.6 million in direct support.

Constellation has been a proud Clean Air Partner since the time we first started our efforts. Their name might change from time to time but one constant has always been their commitment to the community and Clean Air Partners. John Quinn does a remarkable job representing Constellation on our Board of Directors, and we are thankful for all of their efforts.

If you would like to learn more about their sustainability practices you can find many of their programs outlined here.