Washington Gas
Washington Gas
A founding member of Clean Air Partners, Washington Gas has proven to be a leader in terms of environmentally sustainable business practices. The utilization of innovative technologies, effective resource stewardship, and employee action has been a hallmark of their business model in our region.

Washington Gas Light Company (Washington Gas Company) is headquartered in Washington, DC. They deliver clean and efficient natural gas to more than one million residential, commercial, and industrial customers throughout our region. Originally chartered by Congress in 1848, Washington Gas has grown with the Washington Metropolitan area to meet consumer demands. Today, natural gas is the fuel choice for more than nine out of ten new home buyers in the region.

While Washington Gas is committed to providing clean and efficient natural gas to customers, the company is also committed to sustainable business practices. Washington Gas has set aggressive greenhouse gas reduction goals for its operations and gas delivery. The company is targeting a 70 percent reduction in greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions from its fleet and facilities operations by 2020, compared against a 2008 GHG baseline. Additionally, Washington Gas has also set a goal for an 8 percent reduction in greenhouse gas emissions for every therm of natural gas delivered in 2020.

To help achieve these goals the company will use green building standards, breakthrough technology that utilizes natural gas, natural gas vehicles and many other green projects that reduce the corporate carbon footprint. One of the most recent green projects is Washington Gas’ new operations center in Springfield, Va., which is tracking for LEED Gold. The facility features programmed window shades, recycled and repurposed materials and a natural-gas fueled Bloom Energy Server which supplies the facility with up to 35 percent of the energy demand and generates 40 percent fewer greenhouse gas emissions than conventional grid generated electricity. Furthermore, the company’s headquarters in Washington, DC, is located in an EnergySTAR building. The corporate sustainability program has worked to embed the green corporate vision throughout the company’s operations and within its culture, leading the utility to be the first large company to receive a 4-Star Green Certification from the Sustainable Business Network of Washington.

Washington Gas is also transforming its fleet by replacing older gasoline and diesel vehicles with natural gas vehicles (NGVs). NGVs produce 93-95 percent less toxins compared to gasoline or diesel, and reduce GHG emissions by 22-29 percent. The fleet currently contains 99 natural gas vehicles with a target of 240 NGVs by 2020.

While you might visibly encounter the results of their Green Procurement Policy on the road with the continued conversion to low emission vehicle fleets, they have also taken steps to enhance the actual gas delivery process as well. Keyhole technology provides an efficient solution for repairs that would otherwise require extensive excavation, resulting in significant greenhouse gas emissions savings throughout the entire process. Washington Gas also invested heavily in their distribution network and completed a rehabilitation of their gas lines that have yielded impressive methane emissions reductions. These actions will drive Washington Gas closer towards its 18 percent reduction, below the 2008 baseline, in GHG emissions for every therm delivered by 2020.

Overall Washington Gas has exemplified the title of Clean Air Partner. Tracye Funn has represented Washington Gas on our Board since our inception. Along with their impressive environmental record and commitment to clean air, they have also been a force in the community and championed many other great causes. If you would like to learn more about their sustainability practices you can find many of their programs outlined here.