Quince Orchard High School Marching Cougars
Quince Orchard High School Marching Cougars
Made up of talented youth and led by marching band director, Phillip Proctor, the Quince Orchard High School Marching Cougars is one of Montgomery County’s premier marching bands. Known for their versatile styles of playing pop music, movie soundtracks, superhero themes, and rock and roll – the Marching Cougars have a decorated history earning state championships and piling on more than 30 awards. For more than decade, Proctor has led the 80 piece band as they passionately play for Quince Orchard High School’s football team from August through the fall season. These months brings high temperatures and poor air quality to Montgomery County and it is Proctor who makes sure his committed musicians are protected when the air quality is forecasted unhealthy.

“We practice for three hours, twice a week and we are primarily outside in the heat,” says Proctor. “We are working hard out there and have a lot of students with asthma – I need to make sure they are protected during poor air quality days. Clean Air Partners AirAlerts help me gauge when certain students need to be monitored, take a break, or practice indoors.”

Though playing a musical wind instrument has the potential of being a long-term therapeutic agent for asthmatics, children and youth are most sensitive because their respiratory systems are still developing, and their increased activity causes them to inhale more air pollution per pound of body weight than adults.

Proctor and his staff provide forms for all band members that inventories overall health and any health issues that could be exacerbated by band practice and performance. Using the inventory to identify sensitive students, Proctor then uses Clean Air Partners AirAlerts on a daily basis to monitor them and ensure all his musicians are safe.

“If it’s Code Yellow or Orange, I ask the students with respiratory health issues to sit out,” says Proctor. “On Code Red – there’s no question – the whole band practices indoors for the day.”