Sample Code Orange Day e-mail to all employees:
Subject Line: Code Orange Day Alert

A Code Orange Day is forecasted for tomorrow, (insert DATE). This means the air quality in the region will be unhealthy. Some things you can do to reduce pollution and improve air quality are:
  • Limit driving and refuel after dusk
  • Avoid mowing lawns with gas-powered mowers
  • Put off painting until later
  • Don't use aerosol consumer products
  • Use transit or carpool
For more information, contact (insert OFFICE COORDINATOR & PHONE) or go to

Let's do our share for cleaner air!

Sample Code Red Day voice mail to all employees:
Attention all staff: Tomorrow, (insert DATE) is forecast to be a Code Red Day. Air quality levels in the region are expected to be unhealthy. To help improve air quality, please consider using transit or carpooling, refueling your cars after dusk, deferring mowing your lawn with gas-powered mowers, put off painting, or not using aerosol products. Again, tomorrow is forecast to be a Code Red Day. Thank you.