You’ve established an effective Employer program, but you want to do more to assure healthy, clean air for everyone. Terrific! These are some ideas to inspire you to create your own personalized program elements. The Regional Coordinators want to help you implement the best program possible. Feel free to contact them at any time with questions or to share your progress.

To Promote Air Quality Awareness:
  • Order informational brochures to distribute to your employees.
  • Download additional educational materials.
  • Involve your engineers and buyers—make low emissions part of the purchasing criteria for supplies and equipment.
  • Network with other program participants for ideas and solutions.
  • Post information on your internal website and link to
To Reduce Air Pollution and Promote Good Health:
  • Offer employees incentives to take mass transit, carpool, bike, or walk to work.
  • Offer employees incentives not to drive to work alone.
  • Set up a ridesharing program and reserve prime parking spaces for carpools.
  • Encourage brown-bag lunches by offering free sodas or snacks or offer discounted lunches.
  • Promote conference call options for meetings.
  • Allow staff to telecommute or use flex schedules.
  • Change fleet maintenance practices on Code Orange and Red Days.
  • Delay refueling vehicles and equipment until late afternoon or until air quality improves.
  • Coordinate deliveries from your sites to eliminate multiple trips.
  • Turn off vehicles when loading and unloading.
  • Lock the fuel pump during the day.
  • Change facility maintenance activities on Code Orange and Red Days.
  • Postpone lawn upkeep, or use electric lawn and garden equipment.
  • Utilize "environmentally-friendly" cleaning solutions.
  • Keep a list of low emitting work to do on Code Orange and Red Days.
  • Restrict or reduce the use of oil-based paints, solvents, and cleaning agents.
  • Reschedule outdoor painting.
  • Consider purchasing low emissions vehicles for your fleet. You may qualify for significant incentives!
  • Encourage on-site daycare facilities to plan indoor activities for children when air pollution levels are likely to be unhealthy.