Clean Air Partners is a nonprofit (501 c-3) partnership chartered by the Metropolitan Washington Council of Governments and the Baltimore Metropolitan Council. We strive to improve public health and the environment by working with businesses, organizations and individuals throughout the region to raise awareness and reduce air pollution through voluntary actions.

The partnership has member organizations from across the Metropolitan Washington-Baltimore region, including representatives from private sector, advocacy, and government organizations. Nearly 5,000 employers, individuals and businesses are registered as Clean Air Partner participants and have committed to take voluntary actions on unhealthy air days.

The Maryland Department of the Environment, Metropolitan Washington Council of Governments, Virginia Department of Environmental Quality, and District Department of the Environment provide daily air quality forecasts and data for the region. Clean Air Partners provides these forecasts and air quality information, including the Air Quality Action Guide, to our network of participants and assists employers in establishing on-site programs designed to reduce the impact employee actions can have on poor air quality days. Educating children is also an important part of the Clean Air Partners program. We distribute air quality curriculum to regional schools as education tools for children to learn about the effect air quality has on the planet as well as their overall health.

To be successful, we need the active participation of an informed community. There are many opportunities for you and your organization to make a difference; become a sponsor the public awareness media campaign, start a work-place program, and take simple voluntary actions to reduce pollution and protect you, your family, and your employees’ health.

We welcome your questions, comments, and concerns. Please contact us.