Welcome Educators!

For more than 17 years, Clean Air Partners has strived to improve public health and the environment by working with businesses, organizations and individuals throughout the region to raise awareness and reduce air pollution through voluntary actions. Our success is dependent on the active participation of an informed community. To that end, Clean Air Partners is pleased to present:

On the Air: Exploring Air Pollution Sources and Solutions

On the Air is an interactive teaching kit that engages students in the exploration of their environment as they study important air pollution topics such as Criteria Air Pollutants, the Air Quality Index, Ozone, Particulate Matter, Our lungs and Health, Community Sources and Solutions and Climate Change.

The On the Air kit includes seven units that are:
  • tied to and cross referenced to both your required curriculum and your state’s education standards
  • interactive-including hands-on activities, labs, and investigations
  • inquiry based and designed to develop critical thinking skills
  • complete with background information, student worksheets, teaching props, and visual aids
  • relevant, fun, and engaging for students

The On the Air curriculum and kit, developed specifically for sixth grade students in Washington D.C., Virginia and Maryland, are available to public and private schools located within the jurisdictions of the Metropolitan Washington Council of Governments and the Baltimore Metropolitan Council. If you are interested in using this engaging kit or if you have any questions, please contact:

Rebecca Davis
Education Program Manager
Clean Air Partners